Rayan Project Management Services (RPMS)

RPMS is an Industrial IoT analytics engine platform which can be readily used across various industries, be it discreet or process, big, small or large to enable a successful PdM 4.0 initiative within the organization.

RPMS analytics engine platform makes uses of intelligence embedded within its sensors and platforms to provide meaningful insights to offer predictive capabilities to the organization and its teams to perform and operate a wide variety of functions, with the minimum down time in its operations.

Our Solutions

Predictive Maintenance 4.0

Predictive maintenance for industry 4.0 is a method of preventing asset failure by analyzing production data to identify patterns and predict issues before they happen.

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Friction and wear are not material properties. They are responses to a specific tribological system which typically includes a bearing, shaft and lubricant combination.

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Mining Control System

Discovering the secret treasures that lie deep within the ground requires an innate understanding of geospatial technologies.

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Energy Conservation & monitoring

The driving force behind any developing society is the availability of water, power, gas, etc.

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Oil & Gas Monitoring

The thinktankIOT platform is poised to change the capability of business to monitor and measure an almost unlimited number of different objects.

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Cold Chain Monitoring

An unbroken cold chain system can track and ensure the quality of goods from manufacturer to end user.

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Cement Plant Monitoring

Our platform will enable advanced transparency and insight into the most sophisticated systems. The smart sensors will facilitate the ease of understanding your machines and help achieve cost-saving initiatives.

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