Enabling Profits by optimizing manufacturing and process efficiencies, improved reliability, and predicting outages.

About Rayan Project Management Services (RPMS)

RPMS strives to accelerate Internet of Things (IOT) in the GCC. Our team specializes in IOT and smart solution integration to optimize your processes.

RPMS is an Industrial IoT analytics engine platform which can be readily used across various industries, be it discreet or process, big, small or large to enable a successful PDM 4.0 initiative within the organization.

Our association with thinktank - IoT is pioneering in the following ways:

RPMS Industrial IoT analytics engine platform makes uses of intelligence embedded within its sensors to provide meaningful insights to offer predictive capabilities to the organization and its teams to perform and operate a wide variety of functions, with the minimum down time in its operations.

RPMS analytics engine platform is unique because it just does not provide you only (for example) only Vibration data and nor is just a data aggregation platform which collects data from various sensors and visualizes it with some capability for setting alarm points.It just informs you of the possible actions that one could take.

With RPMS analytics engine Platform all the components of the system are available within a single umbrella which includes,

  • Sensors of various kinds, vibration, power quality, flow, pressure, temperature, differential flow, leak, water quality, environment, safety, oil quality, which are mounted on the machines or its interfaces appropriately.
  • There may be a need and mostly not in having an edge processing capability as the information is directly sent via Wireless or Wired Industrial options to RPMS analytics engine Platform.
  • The analytics engine Platform can be residing within the organization or in the Cloud and is completely scalable as per the needs and growth of the organization be it small or big and scalable thinktank® can interface with a wide range of devices ,sensors gateways , PLC etc.
  • The entire installation is implemented by the team of RPMS, or even remotely to ensure a minimum downtime.

The RPMS was released in 2018 , but the work on its platform commenced as early as in 2015. The RPMS is a privately held company and is a joint initiative of Iris Energy and Excelsource international. Iris Energy was recognized as a Gartner “ Cool Vendor” in the Embedded Space.

We have multiple domain experience in implementing or formulating solutions for Industries Covering Acid, Solvents, Food Processing , Utilities, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Plastics, Mining, Agriculture, Water etc.

We operate from USA and India to provide our customers the world’s best Intelligent analytics Platform for the PDM 4.0