Cement Plant Monitoring

The RPMS platform is poised to change the capability of the business to monitor and measure an almost unlimited number of different objects. Deploying this capability will be crucial for the Cement industry over the coming decades, particularly as it relates to cost efficiencies and productivity.

Analytics Driven Predictive Maintenance

  1. It allows operators to stop production for just a few minutes each month, for example , to replace a fan that’s about to break, rather than replacing each fan every year whether it needs or not.
  2. End to End Optimization via Digital Twin - The Digital Twin will allow cement companies to mirror the entire production process through a digital model
  3. Predictive Quality Analytics - By employing predictive quality models can allow a company to accurately forecast cement quality in real time at any point in the production process.
  4. Alternative Fuel Optimization - Energy expenditure approximately accounts for 45% of the total cement production cost.