Mining Control System

Discovering the secret treasures that lie deep within the ground requires an innate understanding of geospatial technologies. We track and manage precious resources around the clock with extreme accuracy to provide time-sensitive data and drive quick and transparent processes. Our integrated mines and minerals management systems combined with terrain surveys and volume computation is customized to suit operations in complex geographies, ensuring that ethical and efficient mining practices prevail in even the hardest conditions.

Terrain change detection and volume computation
Integrated Terrain 3D mapping and Scanning
Mineral Movement Monitoring
Integrated mineral dispatch and surveillance management using IoT and geospatial Technology
Integrated Mines and Mineral Management System
A centralized platform to monitor and manage all mining activities
Equipment Monitoring System
Single dashboard solutions to monitor and optimize performance of mining equipment
Fuel Management System
An integrated fuel management solution for better control over the fuel supply chain
Mining Land - Usage Planning
Geospatial technology for planning current and future mine activities
Predictive Analytics
Analyzing dense data sets to yield useful patterns for operation optimization
Mining Safety
No mine is safe without SAFETY. We have the most comprehensive platform to Mining Information Control System which is a dedicated configurable and modular platform

Underground Mining Solutions
(In underground Mining – Dewatering is the Most Critical Function)
PDM 4.0 for the Dewatering Pumps
(Temp / Vibration/ Power Quality) Water Level Monitoring Oxygen Level in the Underground Mining, Including Other Environment Parameters – VoC / Dust / CO2 / CO or any other Hazardous Components
Asset Tracking
On Realtime Basis in the Underground Mines (People / Equipment) CCTV and Continuous Monitoring
Conveyer Systems Monitoring
including Wear & Tear of Bearing and Rubber belt of Conveyers Safety Monitoring Including Helmet / Head Light Battery / Harness Belts wherever Required Safety for the Backhoe Loaders / Excavators / Blasting Situations Diesel Monitoring for all these Vehicles