TAJ-MoMs-001 Oil Micro-moisture Sensor

Real-time monitoring of the micro-moisture of insulating oil plays a crucial role in the running of these valuable assets. The existence of moisture will lower the breakdown voltage of insulating oil, increase the dielectric loss and accelerate the degradation of polymer insulation aging. These will reduce the performance of the insulation system and even cause insulation breakdown and partial discharge, which will seriously affect the safe operation of the power system.


TAJ-MoMs-001 Oil Sensor utilizes the world most advanced moisture and temperature detecting sensing techniques. with a high degree of accuracy, it can continuously and quickly provide the water activity, water content and temperature data in harsh operating conditions.

Measurement Indicators Water activity Water content Temperature
Measurement range 0 … 1 aw 0…500 ppm (applicable to mineral transformer oil) ‐40 … 80°C
Measurement Accuracy 0 … 0.6 ± 0.02 aw
0.6 … 0.9 ± 0.03 aw
0.9 … 1 ± 0.04 aw
± 10 % (at +25 °C) ± 0.2°C