TAJ-OVDS-001 Oil Viscosity and Density Sensor

This inline viscosity sensor utilizes the most advanced piezoelectric resonant MEMS components. With the internal integration of high precision signal sampling and processing unit as well as the advanced algorithm. The oil viscosity sensor can automatically provide real-time fluid density, viscosity, and temperature data. The 20 ℃ density, kinematic viscosity, viscosity index and viscosity of 40 ℃ and 100 ℃ can also be acquired through the in-built powerful algorithm.

The TAJ-OVDS-001 Inline Oil Viscosity and Density Sensor is easy to use and requires no operator intervention. All tests are done automatically by the sensor. The user can simply install it on the pipe to measure the density, viscosity.


TAJ-OVDS-001 inline viscosity sensor is capable for online monitoring the viscosity and density of the liquid, such as engine oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, gasoline, diesel oil, jet fuel, kerosene, biodiesel, ethanol, chemical reagent, and coating ink.

Product Features:
  • Capable of achieving accurate measurements of the viscosity, density, and temperature of up to 8 parameters with the probe and internal powerful algorithm analysis.
  • The density measurement accuracy : 0.001g/ cm3, viscosity measurement range:0.3~400mPa•s, measurement accuracy: 2%, temperature measurement range: -40~120 ℃.
  • Fast response, data refresh rate of only 1s.
  • Stainless steel material, excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and stress characteristics.
  • Measurement is not affected by external vibration, suitable for online monitoring of the robustness requirement.
  • The effective service life of more than 10 years, no moving parts and consumable parts.
  • Compact structure fit for system integration. CE, ASTM1657, and other certifications and testing standards are made available.
Specification -TAJ-OVDS-001:
Measurement Indicators Density(kg.m³), dynamic viscosity (mPa•s),temperature (℃)
Optional Indicators Kinematic viscosity, 40°C viscosity, 100°C viscosity, viscosity index, 20°C density
Measurement Range Density 0.6 g.cm³~1.3 g.cm³ or 600 kg. m³~1300 kg. m³
Viscosity 0.5mPa•s~75mPa•s 25~400mPa•s(500mm²/s)
Temperature ‐40℃~120℃
Measurement Accuracytypical @23℃) Density 0. 001g.cm³ or 1 kg. m³
Viscosity 2% or 0.5mPa•s (the larger value)
Temperature 0.3℃
Resolution Density 0.0001g.cm3 or 0.1 kg.m3
Viscosity 0.1mPa•s
Temperature 0.1℃
Response Time <30 seconds (for the first time), data refresh once per second
Digital Output RS485 MODBUS RTU or RS232
Analog Output 2-way three-wire system 4‐20mA,RL=500Ω(optional)