TAJ OoQS -002 Online Oil Quality Sensor

TAJ OoQS -002 Online Oil Quality Sensor is an intelligent sensor specially designed for the online measurement of oil quality change. TAJ-OoQS-002 unique measurement technology is extremely sensitive to the change in oil quality. It can in real-time, online and continuously monitor the oil quality indicators. TAJ--OoQS-002 oil Quality sensor is an ideal and reliable sensor for the continuous operation of valuable assets.


TAJ-OoQS-002 oil can be applied to monitor the oil quality and temperature of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, engine oil, fuel oil, insulating oil, turbine oil, synthetic ester and various kinds of light oil, heavy oil. It can also be used as a research tool for tribology and wear analysis in universities, oil analysis lab, and scientific research institutes.

Product Features:
  • Online oil condition sensor extremely sensitive to the various kinds of oil pollution.
  • Tribolytica’s oil quality sensor capable of accurately measuring in various harsh operating conditions with resolution up to 10-15.
  • 7*24 hours, 365 days, capable of monitoring the equipment’s oil quality at any time.
  • Special grounding technology, extremely reliable and sturdy.
  • Well-designed probe structure, easy to clean.
  • Enables in active maintenance of equipment and avoid unnecessary waste of money and time which significantly saves the cost on of renewing oil and waste oil disposal.
Interface definition:
  • Red +24V DC
  • White RS485A
  • Black GND
  • Green RS485B
  • Yellow
  • Pink

RS485communication cable connection direction

Specification - TAJ-OoQS-002:
Measurement Indicators Oil quality Temperature
Measurement range 1‐10 ‐40‐120℃
Measurement Accuracy ±3% 0.3℃
Testing Content oxidant, water, impurities, acid value, base value, wear particles, viscosity change, oil temperature
Analog Signal Output 4‐20mA
Digital Signal Output RS485